Audio and Video Development Boards

To best follow the experiments of the most advanced chapters in the book (Chapter 12 and following) I am happy to offer to all my readers a small expansion board (it's a PICTail Plus(tm) compatible board) designed to fit both the Explorer 16 and the PIC32 I/O Expansion boards.

The AV16/32 board

It is compatible with both the PIC24 and dsPIC series of microcontrollers and DSC.

It is available as a bare PCB or a complete kit. 

Most / All components are through all (with the exception of the SD card connector). The board assembly is easy and requires just a basic familiarity with the use of a soldering iron.

You will connect to:

  • 1/8” Stereo Audio Output Jack (J1)
  • SD Card Interface (J2)
  • PS/2 Keyboard Input Port (J3)
  • Composite Video Output (J4)
  • VGA (monochrome) Output (J5)*

The stereo output circuit uses active 2nd order filter circuits to produce quality audio using two PWM outputs. The signal can be connected to high impedance headphones, PC speakers, or a PC sound card input.

The SD card socket connects to one of the SPI channels on the PIC.

The PS/2 keyboard input can be connected to the Change Notification (CN) input pin, the Input Capture (IC) input pin or a generic digital I/O.

The video output uses an Output Compare channel and a SPI channel to produce monochrome NTSC (or PAL) composite video.

Finally a VGA connector will allow you to obtain a (monochrome) high resolution output directly on a standard computer screen.

  • AV16/32 Board PCB $25
    A professionally manufactured printed circuit boards (PCB)
    (First class mail - shipping included) .

  • AV16/32 complete KIT $49
    A complete kit, including the AV16/32 printed circuit board and all the components required (*NOTE: VGA connector J5 is NOT included in the kit)
    (First class mail shipping included, limited quantities!)

Bill Of Materials

What Next?

Now that you have assembled your AV16/32 board (or perhaps you have developed your own) and have managed to reach the end of the book, you are probably looking for something more... check out the AV16-32 Projects for more entertaining ways to put to use the things you learned.

Also follow the adventures of the flyingPIC24 pilot directly from his Logbook (blog)...